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Winter '10 Trend Spotting

Something I found really interesting when I went overseas back in '07 was the fact that the trends that I saw taking shape in Europe, London especially during their Autumn transcended into our Autumn Winter Trends '08. I've talked previously on this blog about trends filtering down from high fashion/haute couture to 'normal' fashion.

Although a quick check on the Chanel website shows you that the gladiator-sandal trend is only just starting in places like America where Summer '10 is just starting to get a foothold (...foothold, ha, get it? Shut up.) trends are just starting to move forward here in Oz and therefore, with the usual jibber-jabber commentary, heres TutBlog's Autumn/Winter 2010 fashion trend predictions:

(ps: This is aside or on-top-of the 'duh' seasonal, time and time again trends of: Trench Coats, Boots, Beanies, etc.)
1. Over the Knee Boots

(photo credit: NatsNice)
This trend I think I saw for the very first time in 'The Devil Wears Prada' a couple of years ago and has been making headlines on the runway ever since (or maybe it's just one of those things like when you're made aware of something you start to see it everywhere, like bad fake tans and Fiat 500s). Anyway, I love the look, primarily because I've always though of over-the-knee anything as quite flirtatiously 50s, although with killer stiletto heels and leather outer, these new breed look a little more Madame Pain's S&M dungeon than the Bo-Peep charm over-the-knee stockings have always carried for me. Nevertheless, they're chic and are sure to crop up in chain shoe stores this winter.

2. Ripped tights and stockings, edgy stocking styles such as thigh high, suspenders etc

I'm citing this as an up-and-coming because of 'Gossip Girl's'  seemingly infallible ability to influence trends in chain stores and collections alike. Jenny Hunphrey, is of course the character in GG Season 2 who goes a little wild and edgy and seems to wear alot of leg bling (stockings, tights, stay-ups etc) on and off set. The following pictures are from GoFugYourself, which if you have a spare minute, is the best (fashion) time waster on the internet. 

As with a multitude of fashion trends  (Blair's cutesey colourful suits, Serena's crossover dress, statement necklaces, headbands, bows, headbands with bows etc) I predict that stockings, especially ripped, opaque, patterned black ones will become the new leggings, although I hope not in the sense of trying desperately to replace pants, as leggings tried and failed to do. In the eternal words of Blair Waldorf, season 2 : "How many times do I have to tell you? tights. aren't. pants."

3. Statement collars

Chanel uses a statement collar, almost always in black and white monochrome in their Fall/Winter 2009/10 collection. Mark my words there will be some lower-brand form of this out by July.

4. Thin belts

In the Dior Ready-To-Wear 2010 collection, inspired by Mitzah Bricard, and the vamped-up Versace Fall/Winter 2010 runway show there is an abundance of thin, often patent, leather belts. Hmm...while belts are always 'in' in one form or another, it will be interesting to see if thin, shiny belts take precedence over the thick, highly decorated ones of recent seasons, this winter.

Sadly though, with fashion moving faster on and off women's bodies than Tiger Woods we are already seeing the backs of some really fab trends, here are my Favourite Trends of 2009:
(in no particular order) 

1. Platform shoes
2. One shoulder dresses
3. The Maxi-Dress
4. Vintage style-jeans
5. Sequins

And with all that said:

Here are my Top 5 Trends I Will Be Glad to See the Back Of in 2010 aka The Naffiest of the Naff '09
(in no particular order)

1. Leggings (as pants)
2. Fluro
3. Chunky embellishment
4. Statement t-shirts
5. Sequins

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