Sunday, October 18, 2009

Paris, je'taime!

My dad recently informed me during a recent discussion of Woody Allen that he had read somewhere that apparently 'Manhattan' is the best movie about New York. He also said that the same article cited 'Amelie' as the best movie about Paris. While I have seen Amelie and appreciate the quirky characters and humour I must argue that, while there are some terribly sweet shots of Amelie and her beau careering down the cobblestone lane-ways of Monmartre on a Vespa at the end of the film, I believe that the movie one must see in order to ache for Paris is Paris, je-taime

So why am I on a rant about films? Because, dear reader, it is a film about Paris. And where am I hoping to live for a month or so next year...? This (blind) hope comes from an (unhealthy) obsession with the city of love that was born when I visited in 2007. 

So now, on the proverbial eve of my Gap Year between college and University, I set my eyes on the horizon and virtually all I can think about is how fantastically amazingly fabulous it would be to actually call Paris home, if only for a month. So where does hoping lead? To planning. And where does planning lead? To Alannah Hill of course, to search for essentially Parisian accessories. 

If you know anything about Gallic culture, or more directly, Parisian women, you will know that they dress sickeningly well, and while they find excess distasteful (finally!) to fit in in Paris, it seems, one must have a full wardrobe of black Prada. 

While my anorexic wallet faints at the idea of purchasing said wardrobe just for a month there are a few little luxuries that I would love to buy just to wear in Paris. Here they are below in a truly lustful list:

  • Alannah Hill overnight bag
While I am aware that this is supposed to be an overnight bag, I think it would be perfect for a carry on bag: pop a pair of fluffy slippers and pressure socks into the bottom compartment and swap them with your heels at take off!

  • Dior Compact
For touch ups on the Metro

  • Red Suede Pumps
Since I am a black clothes lover, I will try to get my hands on some fab statement shoes to make it known that I am not a rent-a-crowd for funerals. 

  • Alannah Hill felt fascinator.
While I love, Love, LOVE outrageous fascinators, this one is nice and subtle. 

  • Prada Sunglasses
While I will try to get the real promises.

x Beatrice