Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ring A Ding Ding

On the left are two of my absolute favourite pieces of jewelry.I almost never wear jewelry unless its a big occasion but that doesn't stop me from collecting really pretty pieces when I find them. The ring on the left I bought at a Carnivale costume shop in Venice.

At €24 (about AUS $60 ) it was something I thought about long and hard before buying but I now know that it was completely worth it. It was the only piece of jewelry I wore to my Year 10 formal and I think it's one of the prettiest things I own. Both the main diamond shaped section and the outer arms are all crystals.

The ring on the right was given to me by a friend who got it from a friend who was given it as a family heirloom by his Grandma. Neither of my friends liked it so I ended up with it and I think its great. The main part is sort of like fake peridot (its just green glass Im pretty sure) and the outer stones are either crystals, cubic zirconia or glass.

Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm not normal (if this is normal)

If you are reading this blog because you're a fan of amateur fashion or street fashion then you may read, as I do, the '
URBAN Style' section of the Sun Herald on Sundays.
For those of you who don't read the page, its basically a collection of stylish supposedly normal Sydneysiders and their (usually designer) street fashion. Having indulged in reading this page for a few years now Im familiar with the (model-esque) "normal" beauty and the just-out-grabbing-a-sandwich attitudes of these cooler-than-thou individuals that make the page. This past weekend, though, (the April 26th edition) just seemed to really push my buttons.

First of all, the page reads like an advert for Australian edgy fashion brand Ksubi. Dont get me wrong, I adore Ksubi, but do "normal" people actually wear so much Ksubi on a regular sandwich-grabbing basis? I think not.
Also, the author and photographer of 'URBAN Style', the obviously trendylicious Fernando Frisoni, has a strange tendency for running into the same people to photograph, for example Tali Shuvalov.
In last Sunday's edition she was one of the Ksubi examples that caught my eye. Lounging on some steps with a 'well excuse me for being so utterly chic' look on her face she wears (from the Sun Herald) an Isabel Marant top, Chanel ankle boots, bracelets from Ksubi and House of Fetish and tops it off with a navy blue Balenciaga bag. Well excuse me for shopping at Target.
So on the Sun Herald site is Frisoni's cute little section brimming with sexy 'normals' all stepping out for the night in various groovy locations and oh wow, heres Tali again, looking grande in a ra-ra red Isabel Marant dress, and a belt by Alexander McQueen. Does Tali know Frisoni? Maybe he was tipped off. Maybe it was just a happy coincidence. Hmm. I'll leave the verdict out on that one. Heres Tali on he Sun Herald website:

Anyway maybe Im jaded as when I usually look at street fashion its at the Melbourne site which is mostly complied by one of my favourite bloggers, fashionhaley. I love that the people and the outfits on melbourne street fashion never look manufactured. They just look like naturally gifted people who can string together a groovy outfit whether it cost $400 or not. Here are a couple of my favourites at the moment. Credit goes to Hayley Hughes and melbournestreetfashion.com:

I just noticed how similar their outfits were. Ah Well. Fab clothes, not a single item is designer and the two girls manage to look chic and cute to boot.

Now for the Ultra Naff of the Day. Since this is my first blog, just to explain, Ultra Naff is a name I give to outfits/clothing etc that I smack with a big, fat question mark. Why the f*#k are you wearing that? Maybe they just got dressed in the dark...while drunk.
Anyway, heres the outfit of the day from the (you've got to admit) easily targetable Lady Gaga. Full credit for the picture goes to one of my favourite websites to cruise; gofugyourself.

Duuude. Seriously? The Hat, the glasses and especially the purple lipstick are all pretty ok. Even the weird umbrella-at-night-even-though-its-not-raining thing is passable cause...well...you're Lady Gaga. From the waist up its ok that is. From the waist down who ordered a Flashdance with a side of hooker-boots plus laces? Yikes.