Friday, December 25, 2009

Wishing you all a stocking full of style

Just a small(ish) update to act as an apologetic filler for why I haven't been posting recently. The usual excuses aside (exams, formal, graduation, housesitting with no internet, uni choices, christmas, etc), the real reason I haven't been posting lately is because of the lack of inspiration stress and exams bring, rather than a lack of time...I always have time to gab about clothes. 

Soon though (ie. hopefully, ie. if I get around to it...) this will change due to my lovely 'Santa' present I unwrapped this morning, a beautiful, shiny red camera with 'street fashion' written all over it. 

Hopefully i'll soon hit the streets (in the best sense of the word) to capture some of Canberra's underrated style, and maybe, just maybe apply to CSN to be a contributor if I can manage the zoom button.

Have a lovely (wet) Christmas and a fab New Year and hopefully tutblog will be up and running again in no time!