Sunday, August 2, 2009

MUSE '09

I suppose I naively consider myself a well rounded individual, especially when it comes to fashion and the fashion world but in reality I really am just another slightly off-trend teenager with an opinion and a blog. On Friday night I attended a fashion event (one of my first I'm ashamed to admit) called MUSE 09; a concept fashion event showcasing the fantastical talents of Miss Mikaela Hiews, who floored the standing-room-only turnout with her unique designs and made me realize that I do, in fact, have a lot to learn about fashion. 

MUSE '09 was a concept fashion show created in memory of Hiew's grandmother, Marie, and showcased refreshingly well researched designs from every decade of Marie's life from the 30s to the 2000s. Following those outfits there were some highly imaginative pieces from Hiew's 'Couture' collection that made me ache with jealousy. Mainly, since I am (attempting) to head towards Public Relations and Event Management at Uni, I was wowed at the effort taken to put together the evening. 

When one thinks amateur fashion show, the things that come to mind are nervous, giggly teens as models, school hall for venue and Home Ec. quality clothes but the attention to detail put into MUSE '09 totally banished any preconceptions I had. First of all the logistics were seamless. Lights, music, ushers, technicians, models and the venue itself ran so smoothly it reminded me that when nothing goes wrong, behind the scene cooperation is taken completely for granted. The clothes (oh the clothes!) were functional, inspired and enviable, my favourites being the deep blue pinstripe suit and pencil skirt combination and the magenta and gold Couture creation and the warm and enthusiastic vibe of the show hit home the reality that Mikaela's adoration of her late Grandmother was the driving force behind everything in the show and how amazing that was.

All in all, MUSE '09 was a fascinating and touching look at a girl's relationship with her grandmother and their shared connection with fashion and design. Mikaela Hiews will be one designer to watch in the future, mark my words.


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